The programs we run here are nothing less than the best! Stay tuned for pictures of some of our epic activities.

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Waters in the Wilderness

This is our 17th annual meeting. We are proud to host a wonderful meeting filled with wonderful preaching and singing! The fellowship is always really sweet and the Holy Spirit's work is always motivating and inspiring. For those who attend the services meals will be provided three times daily for the duration of the meeting except on Monday for which only supper is supplied.

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Power of 2 Youth Camp

Our youth group will be atteding this amazing camp where there is good preaching,  singing, and fun activities! Help support them by giving a donation. The dates are July 9-13.


Mother's Day

We always give away a small token of our gratitude to all mothers that attend our morning service.

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Our annual Harvest party was a huge success! The food and the fire made for a wonderful night of fellowship and fun! We thoroughly enjoyed the skits, songs, and delicious food! We hope that next year will be able to compare with this year’s Harvest Party.


The children worked hard on their parts for this year’s program. The Christmas Spirit is a humorous take on the Christmas Carol. It was a huge joy watching the children perform!


Break Out

Our most recent event was a breakout activity. We had our own break out room created and our young adults had a wonderful time breaking out of the different rooms we had prepared.


Kids 4 Christ

We had a wonderful time with our Kids 4 Christ program this year! We were able to see young ones trust in Jesus Christ and had a blast with the carnival games and obstacle course.

Our watchnight service so filled with fun. We had a great time and wonderful food. There were great  games and fellowship!

Our watchnight service so filled with fun. We had a great time and wonderful food. There were great games and fellowship!

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Easter Sunday

Our children had a wonderful Easter with an exciting egg hunt after the morning service. We had a very unique "golden egg" with a surpise inside.  It was found by one of the teens in our youth group.

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A Sunday in the Old West

A Sunday in the Old West was a huge hit! We had an unbelievable meal of cowboy grub and topped it off with some cactus juice! The children had a blast with the stick horse races, potato sack relay, and bottle blasting. We had a wonderful sermon brought to us by our pastor.We always make such wonderful memories here!