Our church believes it is of utmost importance that we have a good nursery. We have seasoned, responsible, and kind workers to receive your precious child with a smile. You will feel comfortable leaving them in our beautiful nurseries that will allow you to be able to enjoy the service without interruption.

Our nurseries are split into two ages. We have the first nursery that goes from newborns to 1 year. We find that it is helpful to have those babies together that are still "grounded." They have up to date and appropriate equipment and toys to meet their needs.

We also have a toddler nursery from 1-3 years. Again, their nursery room is tailored to meet their needs and interests. Our workers have been trained in how to watch your children as well as teach them whether it is with a story, coloring a picture, or playing with the many toys available to them.

We believe that you will find our nurseries to be well supervised and properly handled to give you peace of mind as you visit our church.