Gospel Way Baptist Church

Everybody ought to know

A resource for members and visitors of Gospel Way Baptist Church in Grand Junction, Colorado.

The Great Commission commands us to take the Gospel to the world. We must take the initiative and carry the Gospel with us. Our members are encouraged to carry gospel tracts with them throughout the week to share Christ with others and invite them to the Lord's house.

We have bus visitation that goes on each Saturday from 10:00 am to Noon. Everybody is welcome to go with us as we visit those that ride our van/bus to church as well as knock doors to share Christ with others.

Our church-wide visitation is called at different times as we go out. Sometimes we will go door-to-door to knock doors and witness. Other times we will blitz an area with gospel tracts, church brochures or fliers of some upcoming event.

Of course, anybody can go out at any time to tell others of Christ and of His salvation that is made available to all men. These are just particular times that are set aside where we go as a church to obey our Great Commission.