Perhaps one of the most exciting ministries in any church is the youth ministry. Ours is no exception. Whether they go out to visit and witness for Christ, attend Bible study in Sunday School, schedule a fun activity, or attend a youth rally or camp, our youth are an important part of our church.

We not only want to see our youth group grow, but we want to see our youth grow in their love for the Lord, their knowledge of the Word, their worship of our Saviour, and their service in the church. We don't want to just put on a good program to entertain them, we want to build our youth to be worshipers and servants of our Lord in the church.

Our youth group attends an amazing youth camp in Cleveland,  Georgia. Though it is far away, it has always had a huge impact on our youth and is both fun and spiritual. They have amazing activities such as a day at a water park, sports, team games, and tons of other fun opportunities. Not only is it a wonderful getaway, but it is spiritually refreshing. The preaching is nothing less than the best! It has stirred and moved hearts in our own youth group to make good, godly decisions. Everything is centered around God's Word and Holy Ghost filled preaching. The dates are July 9-13 (not including travel time). Would you like to help our youth group attend? There are several ways you can help support this trip! We have spaghetti dinners ever so often that our youth provides(exact dates announced on Sunday Mornings). During the Farmer's Market  in Downtown Grand Junction, our youth will be selling water bottles and special balloons! Of course, you can make a donation through this website on our donation page, just make sure to specify what the gift is for. Thank you to all who have already supported this trip!

Youth camp pic.jpg