Our Pastor

Pastor Hanks was saved at the age of eight after the death of a childhood hero from their own church youth group. On the way to church the following Sunday after this young man's death, the Holy Spirit convicted him in the back seat of the car. When they reached church he ran to his dad's office and told him that he was not saved. Before Sunday School, they both knelt down and Chris asked to receive Christ as his Saviour.

The next year in a revival service, at nine years of age, God spoke to his heart once again while the preacher was preaching. Watching the preacher turn red in the face and preach with all of his might, it seemed that God told him, "That's what I want you to do." That night in church, he surrendered to the call to preach.

After graduating from Bible college in 1991, he began to serve at Grace Baptist Church in Columbus, Georgia, with his home pastor. He started teaching eighth grade in their Christian school and then was moved to work with the youth when a vacancy opened up. He was asked to work with the youth "until they found somebody else." God rewarded the youth ministry greatly for eight years and there are many today across America that are serving the Lord in full-time service.

While serving at Grace Baptist, he met his wife, Alicia, who was working in a different church and school in the area. On July 4th, 1992, they had their first date and were engaged on December 24th of the same year. There is no doubt that God brought them together in a powerful way, and they were married in June of 1993. Alicia is a talented musician, homemaker, teacher, secretary, and pretty much everything important to Pastor Hanks and the church family. They enjoy serving the Lord together and are anticipating great things in the future.

Pastor Hanks has written a devotional book entitled Morning Manna that follows a schedule to read through the Bible in one year. He takes one verse from each days' reading and develops an in-depth study that you will find extremely helpful, encouraging, and satisfying to your spiritual taste. His insight into each verse will challenge each Bible student and inspire them to explore the Word of God with an expectancy of finding God's truth in each verse. It is available as an e-book on Amazon.

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God has blessed them with five precious children who love the Lord and help tremendously in the ministry.